Iceland visitor center

Mývatn, iceland
November 2019

Bee Breeders
850 m2
visitor center

International designcontest, black lavafields, architecture, landscape.
The Dimmuborgir wall
A mysterious wall made of lavastone is rising from the landscape. Hiding the view that lies beyond. There seems to be a hole in the wall, referring to the iconic rock formations of the surrounding landscape. A closer look reveals it’s not a hole in the wall but the sky on a reflective surface, marking the entrance of the building. When you enter through the reflective doors you will pass a short tunnel which leads you inside.
3 landscapes, 3 panoramic views The Dimmuborgir wall

Upon entering the visitors center one is immediately attracted to the view at the end. A sloped path towards it increases the curiosity to discover further. The landscape is slowly revealed by walking up the slope, with a panoramic view of the Dimmuborgir lava fields as a reward. To the left a new landscape is partly revealed. The Hverfjall volcano becomes visible and attracts the visitor to explore more. Passing by an area of contemplation the second landscape is revealed; a panoramic view with the volcano as décor. For the third landscape one must turn left and face the cold. In the courtyard, with the playground, a stairway is leading up to the top of the wall. When ascending the stairs, the third landscape is revealed; lake Mývatn. On top of the wall one can follow the curved wall leading to a magnificent view over the black lava fields.