Seduction pavilion

September 2018
Young Architects Competitions
350 m2

International design contest, Architectural installation, Experience

The world of female beauty is a world of seducing and being seduced. It is a language of elegance, vulnerability, mysteriousness, worship, adoration and admiration. Seduction is an art of attraction that can inspire and create human culture.

Beauty and seduction involves a vocabulary of observing and being observed. Ultimately this shows the rise of de pinup girl, which figures as a key object of the exhibition, while paying a tribute to the first refined and indispensable founding element of the fashion system: female beauty.

In essence a pavilion is created to pay a tribute to all the nameless female stars that could not achieve actual fame. It will function as place which will redeem the celebrity dream of these starlettes. By literally shining a light on images which describe the glossy and melancholic world of starlettes.

Shortly an architectural installation is created which on itself seduces the visitor to engage and enter the pavilion. It gives the starlettes an equal chance to shine in the spotlights. The visitor is simultaneously observer and an object of observation.


As you approach, the pavilion is covered by a veil leaving a glimpse of its physical body as a leg under a dress. Behind the veil you observe the movement of the observing visitors, appearing and disappearing inside the pavilion. The mysteriousness of the movement seen in the installation seduces the visitor to engage further in exploring the pavilion.


Now approaching a series of starlettes appear, pulling you further towards the runway . Once you enter the pavilion more starlettes become visible on both sides of an infinite runway . This circular shape creates an endless path without a beginning or end, symbolising an endless wall of fame for the starlettes . As you walk over the runway you feel you are being watched by both the starlettes and the other visitors in and around the pavilion, becoming a part of the seducing nature of the installation.


When exploring, small openings towards the central space provide you with a glimpse of mirrors and light . Orbiting the centre an opening in the structure gives passage to the heart of the installation . Being in the centre of the installation, encircling and surrounding you is an explanation of the pavilion on the ground.
In this central space you are surrounded by mirrors, now not only being observed by the other visitors and starlettes but also by oneself.

Enclosed in a glamourous environment and surrounded by your own reflections you experience the ultimate goal of the starlettes.