Silent meditation cabin

November 2018
Bee Breeders
16 m2
Tiny house

International designcontest, Silence, Retreat, Meditation, Cabin
Meditating in the midst of the forest, a brief moment of tranquillity, an escape of the constant bombardment of the hectic modern life. The only sound you hear is the from the liveliness and peacefulness of the forest; the sound of animals and the elements of nature. Taking a moment of time to appreciate inner peace enclosed by these beautiful woodlands.
The act of meditating shapes the architecture of this cabin. While experiencing the heart of the cabin you will only see a glimpse of the forest through both ends of the cabin; the forest floor. Being unable to interact with the larger context of the cabin the number of stimuli will be minimalized. 
Only when sitting down, performing a quiet activity, you will experience all layers; from the forest floor to the canopy. By being adjacent to nature a largely framed view of the forest reveals itself. This literally opens the cabin up to its natural surroundings, creating an intimate connection with the earth adjoining the cabin.
To minimize the literal footprint of the cabin, a single central element supports and lifts the cabin from the forest floor. Giving nature space to grow under it and to investigate the men-made world. Over the years the cabin will start a symbiosis with nature. The facade will become part of nature, moss and fungi will grow on the facade and gaps between the horizontal timber elements will harbour insects, spiders, snails and other animals.
The cabin is divided in three areas by small stairs. Each area houses a different function with different focus points.

The lower area is the meditation space. The floor of the meditation area continues outside morphing into the forest floor and its vegetation. The hidden window frames and the tapered shape of this area amplifies a wide perspective increasing the feeling of sitting outside in the forest. This meditation space has no distractions but the view outside, elevating the mind to reconnect with its inner nature.

The mid area is the functioning heart of the cabin, which house the entrance, structural centre and a place to work and create. Evenly distributed light from the upper windows will create an ideal place to write and create without the distraction of looking outside.

The upper area is the sleeping area, which has a widescreen view on surrounding nature. The area is slightly elevated and therefore creates a raised lookout and gives nature space underneath for animal nesting space and for the growth of a diversity of plants.